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Frequently Asked Questions

Wondering if your tree qualifies to be listed?

While there is high demand for a wide variety (thousands of species) of unique mature trees, unfortunately there are also many trees we cannot accept at this time due to various reasons. Please review the guidelines below to get a better idea whether or not your tree qualifies to be listed on our marketplace:

  • Size Limitations

    We would love to be able to accept trees of all sizes, but this is not currently possible. Your tree must not be taller than 30’ tall. In addition, the circumference of your tree’s trunk must not exceed 42”.

  • Tree Health & Integrity

    Diseased trees, or trees that are damaged or have structural issues are highly unlikely to be qualified.

  • Species

    It is difficult to provide specific guidance as it relates to species, as there are thousands of species that could qualify for listing. That said, when thinking about your tree, ask yourself — does it have unique styling such as beautiful flowers, foliage, structure, or bark? Put yourself in the shoes of a potential buyer.

Another great way to find out whether or not your tree qualifies is by browsing our currently listed and sold trees here

You can expect a survival rate of 95% or greater when a proper aftercare program is in place. Distance does not play a role in survivability when all precautions are taken to ensure bare roots stay moist in transit.

Yes, however if the ground is frozen, the removal and relocation process will be delayed until the ground has thawed.

We’d like to think of it as a no-brainer! Unfortunately, not all trees and shrubs that are submitted will qualify. We are currently only seeking healthy, large specimen trees that are easily accessible, structurally sound, have a trunk circumference between 9” and 42”, and 85% or greater tree health. Unique styling is a bonus.

When relocating a tree, there will be a fee for the Transplanting services as well as a transaction/administration fee based on the appraised value of the tree. Transaction fees range from 20-30% depending on appraised value.

At this time, prices will not be listed on our site. The seller payout will include the appraised value, less the transaction fee. A listing agreement will be provided to the seller with these details.


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