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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the survival rate of the transfer process? Does distance play a role?

You can expect a survival rate of 95% or greater when a proper aftercare program is in place. Distance does not play a role in survivability when all precautions are taken to ensure bare roots stay moist in transit.

Can I buy/sell/relocate a tree during the winter months?

Yes, however if the ground is frozen, the removal and relocation process will be delayed until the ground has thawed.

I was about to have my tree cut down; isn’t it a no-brainer to sell it here instead? What’s the catch?

We’d like to think of it as a no-brainer! Unfortunately, not all trees and shrubs that are submitted will qualify. We are currently only seeking healthy, large specimen trees that are easily accessible, structurally sound, have a trunk diameter between 3-14”, and 85% or greater tree health. Unique styling is a bonus.

I’d like to relocate a tree to a different area on the same property – what fees will I be responsible for?

When relocating a tree, there will be a fee for the Transplanting services as well as a transaction/administration fee based on the appraised value of the tree. Transaction fees range from 20-30% depending on appraised value.

Is the price listed on the website the amount I will be receiving for my tree? Do I (as the seller) pay any fees?

At this time, prices will not be listed on our site. The seller payout will include the appraised value, less the transaction fee. A listing agreement will be provided to the seller with these details(Add link for our transaction schedule)


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