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Relocate Your Beloved Tree or Shrub to a Different Area of Your Property

Removing a tree that has overgrown its location, but holds a special place in your heart, can be a very difficult decision. With our on-site transplanting and relocation service, you’ll be able to ensure that your tree/shrub continues to thrive. Get started by telling us more about your tree or shrub.

How Relocation Works


Upload detailed information about your tree, including photos, accessibility, location and quality.


We’ll evaluate your tree and then follow up with you.


If approved, your tree will become available for purchase on our marketplace.

Relocation in Action


“Mature trees create a sense of place… a sense of history.”

Hear from the founder about how and why RE-TREE was born.


My experience with RE-TREE has been exceptional. To be able to repurpose a beautiful tree has many advantages; financial, personal and ecological. To save mature trees is so rewarding, I invested in the company.

Michael J. Schenden, MD
RE-TREE Customer

The installation was seamless the impact was priceless. Retree in coordination with our team at EA was able to make the seemingly impossible- possible.

Jeff Hennig
RE-TREE Customer

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Frequently Asked Questions

I’d like to relocate a tree to a different area on the same property – what fees will I be responsible for?

When relocating a tree, there will be a fee for the Transplanting services as well as a transaction/administration fee based on the appraised value of the tree. Transaction fees range from 20-30% depending on appraised value.

Could I relocate a tree from one of my properties to another?

Yes, however mobilization rates, inclusive to installation services, may be affected by the distance between sites.

Can I hire my own crew to relocate the tree I purchase instead?

We encourage the customer to choose from our network of experienced RE-TREE certified contractors that have been trained specifically in relocating mature unique trees and shrubs.

Can I relocate a tree during the winter months?

Yes, however if the ground is frozen, the removal and relocation process will be delayed until the ground has thawed.

How long does the process typically take from start to finish?

The process varies depending on the size of the tree, site conditions, and distance between sites. For example, in 2020 we transplanted a 16’ Japanese Maple within a 10 mile radius and it took approximately 10 hours. In the case of relocating a tree from one area of the property to another, the time required will decrease.

What is air-spading? What role does it play in the process?

Bare-root transplanting, with an air-spade, may never replace other methods of transplanting but for specimen tree transplanting, where the value of an existing tree merits the effort involved, it is currently the gold standard. Using compressed air, soil is carefully excavated and removed from the roots, by doing so 85% of the root system is maintained during the process. While we always advocate to use air-spading, in some cases, other methods may be utilized.


RE-TREE makes it easy for property owners to buy, sell or relocate unique mature trees responsibly.

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