How RE-TREE Partnered With Ford Land to Preserve 7 Heritage Trees That Collectively Sequester Over 623 Pounds of CO2 a Year

Meet the Client – Ford Land

A subsidiary of Ford Motor Company and a steward of sustainability and the environment, Ford Land owns and operates approximately 3.2 million square feet of commercial office space in Dearborn, Detroit and Allen Park, Michigan.

From their multi-story office buildings and business parks with research and development space, to our individual offices and move-in-ready suites, they provide a variety of properties designed to meet all types of business needs.

Since its inception in 1970, Ford Land has honored its original intent to be an active guardian, manager and developer of what has become a thriving real estate community.

The Problem

Ford Motor Company’s latest innovation is the modernization of its Dearborn campus, which will transform the environment for their workforce while simultaneously benefitting residents in the surrounding community.

During the architectural planning process, Ford Land recognized that a selection of existing heritage trees would need to be destroyed in order to fulfill their vision. However, understanding the value of heritage trees — from carbon offset, energy savings, workplace wellness all the way to talent attraction — Ford Land sought to modify their plan in such a way that would preserve these heritage trees.

Our Solution

Ford Land was seeking a partner with deep expertise relocating unique mature trees, and more specifically, a partner that could:

– Relocate dozens of trees, responsibly
– Use the most innovative technology that would maximize the success of the project
– Employed an expert team and had access to best-in-class equipment
– Complete the project within the desired timeframe

Once RE-TREE was selected to perform the job, not soon after, the strategy, app arch and timeline was agreed upon. Utilizing a combination of the most advanced and responsible methods of tree transplanting in modern arboriculture our seasoned team went to work and wrapped up the project in less than a week.


Thanks to Ford Land’s commitment to sustainability and our resulting partnership, the seven heritage trees are alive and well. They continue to thrive and are actively sequestering over 623 pounds of carbon dioxide a year and will produce enough oxygen to support 14 human beings.

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