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Frequently asked questions

I was about to have my tree cut down; isn’t it a no-brainer to sell it here instead? What’s the catch?

We’d like to think of it as a no-brainer! Unfortunately, not all trees and shrubs that are submitted will qualify. We are currently only seeking healthy, large specimen trees that are easily accessible, structurally sound, have a trunk diameter between 3-14”, and 85% or greater tree health. Unique styling is a bonus.

As the buyer, what fees am I responsible for?

The buyer is responsible for paying for the list price of the tree as well as the services to excavate, transport, and install the tree.

I’d like to relocate a tree to a different area on the same property - what fees will I be responsible for?

When relocating a tree, there will be a fee for the Transplanting services as well as a transaction/administration fee based on the appraised value of the tree. Transaction fees range from 20-30% depending on appraised value.

How long does the process typically take from start to finish?

The process varies depending on the size of the tree, site conditions, and distance between sites. For example, in 2020 we transplanted a 16’ Japanese Maple within a 10 mile radius and it took approximately 10 hours.

What is the survival rate of the transfer process? Does distance play a role?

You can expect a survival rate of 95% or greater when a proper aftercare program is in place. Distance does not play a role in survivability when all precautions are taken to ensure bare roots stay moist in transit.

Can I buy/sell/relocate a tree during the winter months?

Yes, however if the ground is frozen, the removal and relocation process will be delayed until the ground has thawed.


RE-TREE makes it easy for property owners to buy, sell or relocate unique mature trees responsibly.

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